Creation Journeys

The Guide to Finding Your Passion Power & Purpose

Tools, Tips, Tales & Techniques

to Empower Your Life Journey

  • Keys to Your Creativity

  • Connect Your Passion Power & Purpose

  • Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Science

  • With Songlines & Sacred Sites

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About Richard O'Neill

Created by by Richard T. O’Neill BE, FAIM an explorer, songman, business professional and journeys leader, with over 33 years of international experience in corporates, SMEs and government, as a business owner, business planner, consultant, coach, and mentor.

What People Are Saying About Richard's Work

“Inspirational …. I re-wrote my business plan the next day” ….. Company Director

“I saw the importance of my role in my company & how I can add so much more value” – Manager

“I really got why I’ve not been tapping my full potential…. this has been a real breakthrough for me … the group energy you brought together helped me see this – CEO & business leader